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Red Sea looking a little orange.

Scuba diving rambles - Red Sea

Red Sea

Spent two weeks on a live-aboard diving the Red Sea. Absolutely mind-blowing. It had been on my places to dive list for many, many years. Totally moved by the experience.

Remember sailing back to the harbour standing on the yacht deck looking out over the Red Sea and thinking if I never dived again it would be absolutely fine. The Red Sea felt like my Mecca dive site.


No Ocean Scuba Diving Today.

Scuba Diving - No dive

Empty ocean scuba diving site entry point.

There’ll be no going down sign given by scuba divers today. Pity. Water looks beautiful. Ocean is very choppy though. Better safe than sorry.

Scuba divers sitting with their legs dangling over the edge of the cliff. Just taking all the surface beauty in. Not a bad place for a scuba diver to be.

Paper In Paperfish.

Scuba diving - Paperfish

Paperfish / Paper fish

Ah, now they got the paperfish right when those marine academics dipped their quills to start jotting down names for this little blighter. Spot on. Bang between the eyes. This little fish is so thin I almost missed it. Paper thin, see, I get it. Could’ve even gone for origami fish and it would’ve been fine.

Keep your masks peeled beneath the waves, you never know who is waiting to welcome you in your scuba diving suits.

Cow In Cowfish?

Scuba diving blog 'Cowfish'

Cowfish / Cow fish / Longhorn Cowfish

Cowfish? I know, say the intelligent species naming people on our planet. These little critters have horns protruding from their foreheads so let’s document them as cowfish. Yes, that’s it. Cowfish.

Um… when I hear cow I immediately see udders. Maybe it’s just me. But yes, I see wrinkly baby-feeding tubes. When I see horns, I want to hear devil fish. Bull fish. Horn fish. Pokey-your-eye twice fish. Dual unicorn fish. Horned box fish. Horny fish…? Okay, horny wouldn’t have worked for me either. As much as I love scuba diving and ogling at things underwater, little cowfish just don’t do it for me.

Scuba Diving In Pea Soup.

Scuba diving blog 'Scuba diving in pea soup'

Scuba diver in the thick of it

Scuba diving in pea soup is no fun. Promise. Luckily, I had a really great diving instructor who drilled it into us to never, ever panic while scuba diving.

We went down in Bass Lake and it was pea soup deluxe. No other choices on the menu. Couldn’t even see my gloved hand in front of my scuba diving mask. Couldn’t see up. Couldn’t see down.

Kept very close to my scuba diving buddy, almost holding his hand. Yup, I’m not afraid to hold another man’s hand – especially when there is absolutely nothing around you but thickly churned pea soup while scuba diving.

Boxing Boxfish.



As small as this boxfish was, it wasn’t about to take any of my crap. Got a little bored on a dive so decided to break some scuba diving rules and corner this boxfish. Boxfish are supposed to puff-up when stressed and lose their buoyancy and float upwards. This guy, or gal, hadn’t read the manual. It darted straight at my mask, several times, almost cornering me. Certainly won’t try irritating a boxfish again while scuba diving.