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Scuba Diving Heaven.

Scuba diving rambles - house reef

Kuredu Island house reef, Maldives

Scuba diving begins spread-eagled on an azure bed as smooth as glass. Head back, masked eyes facing the heavens. Hovering above beauty. Hovering below beauty.

A lengthy, controlled flow of escaping air. Crystal clear waters engulf saturated neoprene. No longer are we between worlds. We have chosen ours below the line now above.

Sea Goldies flicker about from left to right. Chocolate Dips dart everywhere in-between. Visibility is endless.

My unhappiness is genuine when air runs low calling time on today’s scuba diving.


Going Down Scuba Diving.

Scuba diving rambles - Going down

Dive group about to go down

Ah, that moment you expel most of the air from your lungs and your body gently sinks beneath the surface of the water to start scuba diving.

It always gets me, no matter how many times I’ve gone underwater before. Gliding down in slow-motion towards the bottom of the ocean. Looking up and watching the dry world swirling away.

Taking in a deep breath to stabilise. Slow blow out. Then it begins. Another scuba diving adventure. Even if I have done the same dive site in the same day, there is always something different to see when going down scuba diving.

No Ocean Scuba Diving Today.

Scuba Diving - No dive

Empty ocean scuba diving site entry point.

There’ll be no going down sign given by scuba divers today. Pity. Water looks beautiful. Ocean is very choppy though. Better safe than sorry.

Scuba divers sitting with their legs dangling over the edge of the cliff. Just taking all the surface beauty in. Not a bad place for a scuba diver to be.