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Scuba Diving With A Parrot.

Scuba Diving Rambles - Parrotfish


Yes, I see the parrot in parrotfish. Totally. The large, powerful beak. The striking, beautiful, bold colours. The pecking as it consumes. It even has wings… well, sorta.

The resemblance is so ditto I actually tried having a conversation with one while scuba diving in the Maldives. Although it never replied to my “Hello Pretty-Polly!” greeting underwater. Or my “So, you’re obviously not polyunsaturated, are you?”

Phew, definitely need to check the air mixture in my scuba diving cylinder after this dive.

Scuba Diving Rambles Photographic Entry – Underwater Lines.

Scuba Diving - Feather Star

Feather Star

Open lines for feeding time underwater. A feather star stretches out a feathery fan and gathers what it can filter from the ocean current. Microscopic morsels caught in its soft linear webs.

Arms curl inward and transport the prey to an open, waiting mouth. Free-swimming and stalkless they prowl the muddy ocean floors.

Whale Washes Up On Beach.

Scuba Diving pictures - Whale washes up on a beach

Southern right whale

When a 30m whale washes up on a beach, how do we, supposed caring and respectful creatures, treat it? With absolute disrespect – that’s how we treat a southern right whale that washes up on a beach.

This once noble and majestic beast gets bulldozed and laid to rest in a landfill site beneath a mass of human waste after its dead body is washed up onto one of our beaches.

Absolutely not a fitting resting-place for a creature of this stature and magnificence. At 30 metres plus, this southern right whale should’ve, and easily could’ve, been dragged out into the ocean and given a respectful burial out at sea. I am by no means suggesting a 21 naval canon salute with flags flying half-mast. Just a quiet, gentle little tug out into deeper waters and let go to fall back into the depths it once freely roamed.

Let’s complete the circle and show the next whale some respect when it washes up on a beach.