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Wreck Diving RMS Athens.

Went scuba diving looking for you, but you were no longer there. A totally rusted engine block breathing fresh air showed us where you should’ve been.

Any sign of your existence has all but disappeared. Guess that’s what happens when heavy ocean waters pound against you for more than 150 years.


A scuba divers’ best friend.

salty sea dog picAfter a good scuba diving session every diver is as hungry as a horse. And not as a little seahorse, but one of those large odd-toed mammals. Scuba diving can make you pretty hungry – but it’s our canine friend we head directly for.

Yes, we also find it a bit weird, after spending 50 minutes underwater looking at fish, we come up to the surface and head straight to a place that deep fries them and serves them alongside crispy chips.

Scuba Diving Rambles Photographic Entry – Underwater Lines.

Scuba Diving - Feather Star

Feather Star

Open lines for feeding time underwater. A feather star stretches out a feathery fan and gathers what it can filter from the ocean current. Microscopic morsels caught in its soft linear webs.

Arms curl inward and transport the prey to an open, waiting mouth. Free-swimming and stalkless they prowl the muddy ocean floors.