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Scuba Diving With A Parrot.

Scuba Diving Rambles - Parrotfish


Yes, I see the parrot in parrotfish. Totally. The large, powerful beak. The striking, beautiful, bold colours. The pecking as it consumes. It even has wings… well, sorta.

The resemblance is so ditto I actually tried having a conversation with one while scuba diving in the Maldives. Although it never replied to my “Hello Pretty-Polly!” greeting underwater. Or my “So, you’re obviously not polyunsaturated, are you?”

Phew, definitely need to check the air mixture in my scuba diving cylinder after this dive.


Scuba Diving Heaven.

Scuba diving rambles - house reef

Kuredu Island house reef, Maldives

Scuba diving begins spread-eagled on an azure bed as smooth as glass. Head back, masked eyes facing the heavens. Hovering above beauty. Hovering below beauty.

A lengthy, controlled flow of escaping air. Crystal clear waters engulf saturated neoprene. No longer are we between worlds. We have chosen ours below the line now above.

Sea Goldies flicker about from left to right. Chocolate Dips dart everywhere in-between. Visibility is endless.

My unhappiness is genuine when air runs low calling time on today’s scuba diving.