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Scuba Diving Hide And Seek.

Scuba diving -Geometric Moray Eel

Juvenile geometric moray eel

Scuba divers coming. Ready or not. You can slither away; but we’ll find you.

Well, if you didn’t open your mouth to take a gulp of sea water for oxygen I would’ve completely missed you while scuba diving.


Paper In Paperfish.

Scuba diving - Paperfish

Paperfish / Paper fish

Ah, now they got the paperfish right when those marine academics dipped their quills to start jotting down names for this little blighter. Spot on. Bang between the eyes. This little fish is so thin I almost missed it. Paper thin, see, I get it. Could’ve even gone for origami fish and it would’ve been fine.

Keep your masks peeled beneath the waves, you never know who is waiting to welcome you in your scuba diving suits.

Cow In Cowfish?

Scuba diving blog 'Cowfish'

Cowfish / Cow fish / Longhorn Cowfish

Cowfish? I know, say the intelligent species naming people on our planet. These little critters have horns protruding from their foreheads so let’s document them as cowfish. Yes, that’s it. Cowfish.

Um… when I hear cow I immediately see udders. Maybe it’s just me. But yes, I see wrinkly baby-feeding tubes. When I see horns, I want to hear devil fish. Bull fish. Horn fish. Pokey-your-eye twice fish. Dual unicorn fish. Horned box fish. Horny fish…? Okay, horny wouldn’t have worked for me either. As much as I love scuba diving and ogling at things underwater, little cowfish just don’t do it for me.

Boxing Boxfish.



As small as this boxfish was, it wasn’t about to take any of my crap. Got a little bored on a dive so decided to break some scuba diving rules and corner this boxfish. Boxfish are supposed to puff-up when stressed and lose their buoyancy and float upwards. This guy, or gal, hadn’t read the manual. It darted straight at my mask, several times, almost cornering me. Certainly won’t try irritating a boxfish again while scuba diving.

Basket Case.

Basket starfish / Basket star

Basket starfish / Basket star

Scuba diving reveals things of beauty every time you go underwater. Sometimes I glide past in wonder. Other times I stop and stare. This basket starfish kept me gawking for about twenty minutes. I kid you not. Then a gentle tug on my fin from one of my fellow scuba divers forced me away.

The basket starfish. Intricate, beautiful and fragile. Just like all of nature’s creations.

Cold Fish Slap.

Blue stripe groupers

Blue stripe grouper

Have you ever wanted to slap someone across the face with a cold fish? No? I certainly have. Maybe I’m just weird like that. I’ve often thought about picking up a huge ocean roamer by its tail and doing a sledgehammer style swing ending with a resounding slap across an unsuspecting human cheek.

Then I was on the receiving end of a cold fish slap while scuba diving. Completely surrounded by a shoal of blue stripe grouper. Fish left, right, top and bottom. Packed in there. Started pushing fish away…. then SLAP…. straight across the face. Kinda scaley. Kinda slimy. Kinda squishy. Kinda fishy. Everything I imagined.

Do I still want to slap someone in the face with a cold fish? Oh, hell yeah. Now more than ever.

Death By Giant Clam.

Giant clam

Giant clam

South Pacific seafarers firmly believed, for centuries, death by giant clam was part of everyday ocean life. The giant clam had a reputation for laying in wait for unsuspecting swimmers and scuba divers. Its giant mouth would open and swallow them whole. Wham, clam, thank you Ma’am. A whole scuba diver!? In one sitting!? Yeah, right.

I stuck my whole arm, well, up to my elbow, inside this chap and it did absolutely nothing. It used its adductor muscle to start closing its giant mouth and then opened it again. That’s adductor muscle; not abductor muscle. Just in case you were wondering.

So, there it is, first-hand and arm experience death by giant clam is just a southern Pacific yarn from yesteryear.