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A scuba divers’ best friend.

salty sea dog picAfter a good scuba diving session every diver is as hungry as a horse. And not as a little seahorse, but one of those large odd-toed mammals. Scuba diving can make you pretty hungry – but it’s our canine friend we head directly for.

Yes, we also find it a bit weird, after spending 50 minutes underwater looking at fish, we come up to the surface and head straight to a place that deep fries them and serves them alongside crispy chips.


Scuba Diving Rambles Photographic Entry – Unexpected.



This image was totally unexpected while scuba diving. I just stuck my arm out blindly during a night dive and hit the shutter release button to finish off my spool.

Only saw the jellyfish after the dive, a few days later. Very unexpected.

Going Down Scuba Diving.

Scuba diving rambles - Going down

Dive group about to go down

Ah, that moment you expel most of the air from your lungs and your body gently sinks beneath the surface of the water to start scuba diving.

It always gets me, no matter how many times I’ve gone underwater before. Gliding down in slow-motion towards the bottom of the ocean. Looking up and watching the dry world swirling away.

Taking in a deep breath to stabilise. Slow blow out. Then it begins. Another scuba diving adventure. Even if I have done the same dive site in the same day, there is always something different to see when going down scuba diving.

Red Sea looking a little orange.

Scuba diving rambles - Red Sea

Red Sea

Spent two weeks on a live-aboard diving the Red Sea. Absolutely mind-blowing. It had been on my places to dive list for many, many years. Totally moved by the experience.

Remember sailing back to the harbour standing on the yacht deck looking out over the Red Sea and thinking if I never dived again it would be absolutely fine. The Red Sea felt like my Mecca dive site.

Scuba Diving Dive Map – Castle Rocks.

Dive Map - Castle Rock, False Bay

Dive Map – Castle Rocks, False Bay

Castle Rocks dive site. The Big Daddy on the False Bay side in the beautiful, but a tad on the nippy side, scuba diving waters of Cape Town, South Africa.

For more dive maps of scuba diving sites take a look at my dive map page.

No Ocean Scuba Diving Today.

Scuba Diving - No dive

Empty ocean scuba diving site entry point.

There’ll be no going down sign given by scuba divers today. Pity. Water looks beautiful. Ocean is very choppy though. Better safe than sorry.

Scuba divers sitting with their legs dangling over the edge of the cliff. Just taking all the surface beauty in. Not a bad place for a scuba diver to be.