Scuba Diving Blog Is About

Scuba diving ramblesA scuba diving and dive map blog about the weird and wonderful things that happen beneath the waves while scuba diving.

Some really crazy stuff goes on down there. Males give birth. Small fish chase scuba divers. Animals change their sex.

Hope you enjoy the posts, dive maps and underwater pictures on my scuba diving blog.


6 thoughts on “Scuba Diving Blog Is About

    1. scubadivingrambles Post author

      Thanks for the positive feedback on the Dive Maps, Andre. I have just added a Dive Map of Miracle Waters for you. Hope it helps. I haven’t dived here so I don’t know too much about it. If you go diving there, let me know more details and I will gladly add them to this Dive Map.

  1. Andre Visagie

    I’m busy with my DM course and busy drawing up a decent map of Miracle as well with all the attractions and feastures. Once done and updated I will gladly forward onto you so you can update yours as well. Thank you for the reply.


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