Cow In Cowfish?

Scuba diving blog 'Cowfish'

Cowfish / Cow fish / Longhorn Cowfish

Cowfish? I know, say the intelligent species naming people on our planet. These little critters have horns protruding from their foreheads so let’s document them as cowfish. Yes, that’s it. Cowfish.

Um… when I hear cow I immediately see udders. Maybe it’s just me. But yes, I see wrinkly baby-feeding tubes. When I see horns, I want to hear devil fish. Bull fish. Horn fish. Pokey-your-eye twice fish. Dual unicorn fish. Horned box fish. Horny fish…? Okay, horny wouldn’t have worked for me either. As much as I love scuba diving and ogling at things underwater, little cowfish just don’t do it for me.


2 thoughts on “Cow In Cowfish?

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