Scuba Diving On The Mind.

Scuba Diving pictures - Scuba diver kite

Scuba diving kite

Scuba divers don’t always only have scuba diving on the mind all of the time, like every second, minute, hour of the day. What utter nonsense is that? Who would’ve come up with such a ridiculous thought? Complete garbage, I say. We think of, and do, things other than scuba diving.

Like… sometimes we stroll around annual kite festivals, because all scuba diving has been cancelled for the day, and show an interest in the kites on display.

Then suddenly, we see a larger than life-sized scuba diver flapping around in the air and our stroll gathers momentum. Mind races. Eyes light up. Teeth beam. Camera is out in a flash. Tell everyone I see for the next six weeks, nothing else, but there was this really, super-cool giant-sized scuba diver kite scuba diving in the sky. ‘You should’ve seen it!’

See, I’m a scuba diver who loves scuba diving, who doesn’t mind visiting kite festivals.


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