Crocodile Rock.

Scuba diving pictures - Crocodile fish

Crocodile fish / Flathead fish

Masters, or Missus’, of disguise these crocodile fish certainly are. Rock solid in the camouflage department. They even have iris lappet coverings – so the circular lines of their eyes are broken and they can’t be detected by others being stared at.

While scuba diving, glanced at what I could’ve sworn was a rock jutting out on some loose rubble off the main reef. Certainly didn’t have a crocodile fish in mind. An ever-so slight movement caught my eye. Performed the prefect old-fashioned Hollywood double-take underwater and saw this puppy laying waiting to snap-up a meal. If it didn’t faintly flutter one of its fins I would’ve cruised directly over this crocodile fish thinking it was just another rock.

Keep those scuba diving masks peeled underwater. A crocodile fish could easily be a rock; and a rock may just turn out to be a crocodile fish. And if you happen to spot a real crocodile, I’m afraid you’ve gone up the mouth of a river – and you certainly don’t want to be scuba diving there.


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