Kung Fu Lionfish.

Scuba diving pictures - Lionfish


Lionfish won’t bite fishermen or scuba divers, but they will have absolutely no problem stinging the crap out of both, if trying to retrieve a hook or venturing a little too close. Didn’t want to get brave this time. Yes, sometimes I’m not a real man. Kept my distance. It came straight at me; needles swishing like deadly samurai swords being wielded by a professional in slow motion. Luckily without any high-pitched battle sounds, misspelled sub-titles and bad lip-sync.

Swish, swish… hypnotically challenging me. That’s how they baffle and hypnotise their prey too. Poor small reef fish and crustaceans don’t stand a chance. Deadly fingers luring them in for dinner time. Come closer, little ones. Papa lionfish has a belly to fill.

While scuba diving it is advisable to keep well clear of all lionfish as they perform their silent dance of death. Nice fishy-fishy.


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