Scuba Diving And Sex On The Brain.

Scuba Diving pictures - Brain coral

Brain coral

Yup, there’s nothing on my brain but pure sex. That’s S E X… capitals from start to finish. Bold. Italic. Underlined. Highlighted. Oh yeah, move aside Heff. Take a hike Valentino. Put Ra Ra Rasputin, Russia’s greatest love machine, to bed – you’re looking at the real-deal right here.

My secret? No, none of those magic potions. No whispering sweet nothings either. Just one word. Hermaphrodite. Yes, I combine contradictory sex elements and can have sex internally with myself if any one of the hunks and hunkesses in our colony doesn’t tickle my fancy. Or floats my boat, know what I mean? *Wink*

Oh, so you think having sex with yourself is pitiful and sad – well you just stop yourself right there. I can also send out eggs if tantalised by the right, hot male that’s sensitive to my wants and needs. Or, I can pretty easily pop some sperm towards my neighbour if she catches my eye.

Got babies to make. Have to keep the hard coral population going. Can’t have our sea and ocean floors overrun by soft coral. So I use the full capacity of my brain when it comes to sex.


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