Spotting A Killer.



Not spotting a well-camouflaged, venomous killer stonefish brings me pretty damn close to getting into my first-ever punch-up while scuba diving.

Lining up to shoot another killer, a lionfish. For the best angle, I need to put one hand on the reef to stabilise myself. My gloved hand is about to touch down when my scuba diving buddy pushes it away and points at the reef. I look to where he is pointing and see nothing but the rock I would like to use as my stabiliser. I wag my finger back at him and try again. He pushes me, again. ‘Piss off man,’ I think. ‘I’m not going to break or kill the reef.’ My hand moves towards the rock.

My scuba diving bud grabs my hand and holds the back of my head pushing it dangerously close to the reef. ‘Oh, so this is how it’s going to go down.’ Just as I’m about to turn around and unleash a mask-removal headlock followed by a killer roundhouse fin slap… I see it. Centimetres from my face. Completely missed spotting this potential killer while scuba diving.


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