Crap Comes Out Of My Mouth.

Sea Anemone

Sea anemone

Never, ever believe a single word that comes out of an anemones’ mouth, as it’s also the hole it craps through. Number Two’s gateway. Yes, it pipes all its unwanteds straight through the front door. Poop-chute mouth.

We however cannot say it’s nothing but crap that comes out of a sea anemones’ mouth; as it also feeds through its gob. So the odd unprocessed morsel is sure to come out of it too.

And obviously, since a mouth is one of the very few openings a sea anemone has, it’s where it squirts its sperm out from into the ocean – if it’s a male sea anemone, of course. Female sea anemones mouth exactly the same way; but with eggs.

Just wish I’d known about all this crap comes out of the mouth stuff before getting so up close and personal with sea anemones to get the best pictures while scuba diving.


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