Stop Calling Me Fish.

Sea star / Starfish

Sea star / Starfish

Pretty tired of people calling me a fish. For goodness sake, you warm-blooded neoprene-skinned mammals should know better. You come down every day to look at me. You shoot me. Prod me. Turn me upside down. You remove me from incredibly beautiful surroundings and plop me into a small and rather pathetic glass home. You dehydrate me, dry me out further and make money out of me. And during all this interaction you should’ve noticed I have no fins; dorsal, pectoral, anal or pelvic. I have no gills. No tail. No blood. And fish have a brain; I don’t.

I walk, on feet, just like you. I can’t swim, just like a lot of you. So for heaven’s sake, stop calling me fish. Must just say though, I am so totally feeling the star part you have given me.


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