Scuba Diving Wrecked Inside A Wreck.

Wreck entry point – The Transvaaler

Being wrecked while scuba diving inside a wreck isn’t great. Especially when I haven’t smashed anything into my face before the dive… or the night before. Nitrogen narcosis, it’s called. It’s like being a little tipsy underwater. This is the first, and hopefully last, time I will get it while scuba diving.

We penetrate a popular scuba diving wreck. Taking pics, visiting various corridors, rooms and chambers. Really enjoying it. Top-notch dive. Visibility is fantastic.

Whoah! Head’s spinning. Body tingly all over. I park my butt on some rusted steel inside the wreck and start giggling. ‘Get a hold of yourself, you arse. Ha-ha, ha-ha… You arse. On your arse.’ An inner voice tells me I am getting ‘narked’ and to keep calm. I know exactly what is happening; but there is nothing I can do about it. Or want to do about it. Feels really great. ‘Oh look, there’s another scuba diver. Are you also on your arse?’

Thankfully my scuba diving buddy realises exactly what’s happening and pulls me from the chamber and we rise a few metres. Wham! Head clears and feel perfect. We level-off and continue scuba diving on the outside of the wreck.


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