Scuba Diving On A One Way Ticket.

Sunny Cove train station and dive site, Cape Town

‘Six one way tickets, please… yes, these are scuba diving cylinders we’re taking with us to our dive site.’ Undoubtedly the second strangest mode of transportation I have used to get to a dive site has to be the train.

Arrive at my buddy’s house with all my gear for our dive. He tells me to only take the absolute essentials – all valuables are to be left behind. We jump into our wetsuits and these are rolled down to our waists. Dive booties are on and a small dive bag holds our dive computers, masks and snorkels. A friend takes us to a nearby station. I now realise how we’re getting there.

Sunny Cove is our dive destination – a dive site right beside the railway tracks. Understandably, we get some very strange looks from the commuters and the stationmaster as we struggle on and off with our scuba diving suits, cylinders, regulators, BCs and weight belts.

After the dive our road transport arrives and we enjoy an ice-cold beer on the pavement in the warm sunshine chatting about another great scuba diving trip. Lovely little dive site, wouldn’t mind booking a one way ticket to it again sometime.


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