Penguins With Golf Balls.

African penguins

Busy scuba diving with penguins and having visions of Neptune enjoying a round of eighteen holes underwater. But reality sets in and realise some golfers have really terrible hooks… or shanks… or slices. Especially those who play at the nearby golf course – which runs along this dive site. Once found three golf balls while scuba diving here. Damn sure there are still many, many more rolling to and fro in the sand along with the tides.

Luckily these aren’t picked up by any of the local penguins that breed, play and hunt along this stretch of shoreline. I am sure these symmetrical dimple coated synthetic materials could do quite a bit of damage if picked up and swallowed by a juvenile penguin.

Now having visions of a brooding mother penguin sitting on a golf ball in her nest wondering why it isn’t hatching. Weird, the things that go through your mind while scuba diving.


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