Jelly Surprise On A Scuba Dive.


Busy scuba diving at night and we’re about to surface. ‘One shot left in my camera.’ I think to myself. Rather shoot something underwater than take a boring surface shot.

I switch my torch off and shove my arm blindly out into pitch blackness and hit the shutter release button. Flash goes off. ‘What was that? Swear I saw something in the flashlight. Or did I?’ Oh well, will just have to wait for the film to be developed.

That’s when I discover this picture of the jellyfish. Didn’t even see it underwater. Didn’t even know it was lurking. How many more were out there? What other creatures were just an arm’s length away? Scuba diving certainly holds many surprises.

But what’s even more surprising, jellyfish are over 650 million years old – making them older than sharks and even the long-gone dinosaurs. Now the startling part – they’ve achieved this without a heart, bones or even a brain. The mind boggles. Would never have discovered that if I wasn’t scuba diving.


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