Hunting Down A Dragon.

Leafy sea dragon / Sea dragon

Scuba diving and hunting down the leafy sea dragon is a tricky business. Especially to do properly. Believe me. The first time I dived with one, it hunted me down. Li’l fella came right up to me and posed dead-centre in front of my mask. Only problem was, I didn’t have my camera. Ever since that day my poor-diver’s Sea & Sea MX10 is always strapped to my wrist.

Another reason I find hunting the leafy sea dragon tricky while scuba diving is because they’re continuously wriggling. Non-stop. The head is still; but the tail moves. Then the tail is still; but the head moves. Then the head and tail are still; while the centre moves. It’s almost like it has no backbone.

Or, the real reason is probably just me. Professional scuba diving photographers have perfect images of leafy sea dragons and probably get them in one shot with their rich-diver’s cameras. But where’s the fun in that?

Click, click… I just hope for the best. I waste 35 pics on this chap and still don’t get it right. Yes, I’m a bit like a first-time-out-of-the-house tourist underwater. If you ever come across a camera-shy, half-blind sea creature swimming erratically and continuously bumping into the reef, chances are very high I am scuba diving in the dive group just ahead of you.

I’ll get you yet little leafy sea dragon. The hunting will continue every time I go down.


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