The Space Below.

Scuba diver / Bubble blower

Scuba diving to the space below is this easy – Take a deep breath in. Hold. Hit the water. Breathe out. Down you’ll gently float into an underwater wonderland. Seriously.

Well, it should be as easy as that. Unless you are like me in my earlier scuba diving days and take way too much alcohol the night before a dive. You’ll eventually go down; but first you’ll need to flap around on the surface like an injured albatross after a major Atlantic Ocean crossing. I have also shot out of the water like a finally freed champagne cork looking for a landing space – missing the dive boat by mere centimeters with the skipper giving me the slow headshake.

Yes, I was probably the world’s worst ever learner open water scuba diver. Okay, not probably. Definitely. Without a shadow of a doubt. That space belongs solely to me. But hey, I am living proof – that if at first you don’t succeed… try, try and try again.

If you ever get an opportunity to go scuba diving, take it. There’ll be zero regrets. I wish every person could go to the heavenly space below; even if it’s just once. Oh, and please don’t even think about using the oldest anti scuba diving favourite ‘I can’t scuba dive because I’m claustrophobic.’ ‘Cause down here there is all the space you’ll ever need – mind-blowingly beautiful space.

Just for the record, if we’re ever paired up at some international dive destination, you can relax and enjoy the space below with me, as my scuba diving ability has improved, vastly.


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