No Backbone And Blending In.

Once while scuba diving, I wondered what it would be like being an octopus without a backbone. It must’ve been that air I was sucking on the day, I swear.

Picture the scenario: ‘You can’t go through life showing no backbone, young man. Stand up for yourself.’ I still hear some grandfathers ranting. Not to be outdone, grandmothers would always pitch in with, ‘Stop that slouching. Straighten your spine. Sit upright.’

Well folks, did you ever maybe consider for one single second I was an octopus in a previous life? Or that I’m practising to be one for the next? Nah. Bet you didn’t.

Oh yes, and don’t get me started on how many times you’ve told me to stand out from the crowd and be an individual. I think it must be pretty darn cool to be able to blend in with your surroundings to the point where you are totally invisible.

Oh, you don’t think that’s cool? Well, what if I told you two I am considering getting eight arms? ‘Well at least you’d be able pick up all that stuff lying around your room then.’ Grandma would probably say while straightening her backbone and walking off.


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