Hiding Your Outer Beauty Within.

Cowrie shell

While scuba diving this time, I got to thinking how we, landlubbers, flaunt our beauty like it’s going out of fashion. We have absolutely nothing to hide. Unashamedly vain. If you’re beautiful; you’re beautiful. That’s all there is to it.  Hollywood beckons. Brands come calling. International modeling runways open up. Contracts, contracts, contracts. Everyone wants in on the action and a piece you.

In the scuba diving world, if you’re a natural beauty, everyone wants a piece of you too – but down here they take it pretty literally and it certainly doesn’t come with a fat bank account or your face splashed on the front cover of every magazine. Don’t you go flaunting your jaw dropping wares ‘round here. You’ll get snapped up in a heartbeat, especially when one of your main talent scouts has four pairs of arms to do it with.

The poor cowrie. Too beautiful for its own good. An underwater Cinderella covering itself with a mantle so it can resemble one of the step sisters. Can’t be easy, knowing what outer beauty actually lies hidden within. Bit like looking like the Michelin Man when going scuba diving.


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