Scuba Diving, Aphrodisiacs, Pain And Strange Sex.

Cape sea urchin / Sea urchin

The rolling ocean action must be a great aphrodisiac. I mean, male sea urchins simply ejaculate whenever they want. No expensive dinners. No sweet nothings whispered. No foreplay. (Yup, strange sex indeed).

A female then releases her eggs and when the two attach themselves to one another, round underwater hedgehogs are conceived. But end there, it certainly doesn’t. Once a single male starts, the underwater semen and egg orgy begins and the entire colony gets in on the act to create oceanic pin-cushions.

Even stranger, some poor sod must’ve endured countless pricks to penetrate hundreds of dangerously poised needles to discover these internal gonads. As if painful rummaging wasn’t enough, it was probably the same fool who nibbled these reproductive organs and decided they’d be great to pass around the dinner table. And to swallow as aphrodisiacs.

‘More urchin balls with salty, lumpy, baby-making filling, anyone?’ Yes, all you sushi lovers – that’s what you’re eating. Call it an aphrodisiac all you want, but I know exactly what’s going into your mouth.

Certainly won’t be removing my mouthpiece while scuba diving over sea urchin colonies as they release their aphrodisiacs during strange sex.


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