Head Over Eel’s In Love.

Honeycomb moray eel

While you’re scuba diving and the Daddy of all honeycomb moray eels comes to give you a spot of oceanic nuzzling; you’d better give some back. This 4.3m monster cunningly hides away and shoots out and smothers unsuspecting scuba divers… with nothing but love and tenderness. If you don’t know about it; you’ll come close to blowing a hole through the back of your wetsuit. Ask me, I was set up by the DM (Dive Master). Bastard, I still owe you one.

After realising the moray eel isn’t squeezing the life out of me, I manage to move my trapped hand and start stroking its underbelly. Why? I have absolutely no idea. It just seems like the thing to do, at the time. It feels softer than the softest silk I have ever touched. In an instant it releases its not-so-tight grip on me. It slithers around me a couple of times and then shots back into its hole.

‘Shit! Hell, did you guys see that?’ I think to myself spinning around looking for the rest of the scuba diving group; they’re all curled-up in the hysterical laughter position – a mass of bubbles flowing freely from their regulator exhaust valves. I show every not-in-any-scuba-diving-manual hand-sign.


6 thoughts on “Head Over Eel’s In Love.

      1. pixelvoyages

        have always loved watching natgeo etc’s programming shot under water – looks so mystical. do you know of any reasonably priced scuba diving destinations around India – I know Andamans is one. also, how many days of learning and acclimatisation is required for beginners? thnx.

      2. scubadivingrambles Post author

        I’ve heard Andaman, Rutland Island, Clinque Island and around Kadmat Island are all great places to scuba dive. You can do a resort course at most reputable dive destinations. This takes around four days – but you are limited to only diving at that specific resort. A proper scuba diving course, Open Water One, takes around six weeks.

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