When Males Give Birth.

Knysna / Cape seahorse

When males give birth there’d be no morning sickness and not a single stretch mark in sight. That’s how a man does it. Must say, it is mighty smart of the female Knysna seahorse to plant all her eggs in the male’s kangaroo-like pouch for hatching during their mating session.

You go sea girls… you little underwater fillies… let him push out the youngsters; let him be swollen and uncomfortable; let him answer the multi-millionth time heard question, ‘So, how long have you got to go?’

Imagine if us human males had to do this. Man, we wouldn’t stop complaining. We’d be proper bitches. But the male seahorse takes it all in his stride. The gestation period lasts around 3 weeks after which the youngsters are ejected and left to fend for themselves. Go on then, off you go you little lot. Have a nice life now.

No parenting skills required. No trendy movie star names to come up with. No school to book years in advance. Ah, how some lives would be when males give birth.


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